Play Centre at Zikim

Kibbutz Zikim is a quiet family orientated homely setting just ideal for raising a family away from the hustle bustle of city life.

A warm Kibbutz community with local pre-primary school and small medical centre, friends galore and community functions to keep the closeness tight.

A small slice of heaven. Just one problem! The Kibbutz is one and a half kilometres from the Gaza border.  The entrance shows off a Channukia made from recycled mortar shells that have fallen on the kibbutz.

The traditional cover-time from hearing the siren to reaching the bomb shelter is between 5 and 15 seconds, being so very close to the border. At Zikim an upgraded play ground is planned and this is a JNF South Africa project. A circular design divided into 4 quadrants for different age groups and a central bomb shelter with 4 entrances for immediate access is planned.

A mom with 3 children, under the current situation, needs to collect her 3 children and run at least 200 m to the nearest bomb shelter underground - a near impossibility depending on the children’s ages.

The new play centre will have state of the art play equipment for various ages and stages of development, soft rubber flooring and the secure central structure of the shelter.

Play Centre at Zikim